Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Aloha Chuck!

The Notebook and others have already spread the news that Chuck Freedman, former executive assistant to Majority Leader Kirk Caldwell, has left the building and is now the Executive Director of the Democratic Party.

I tried to think of a clever seque from The Horror of Party Beach to the Democratic Party, but thought it best to let that one pass. Chuck, of course, was cast as the monster of this infamous film, deemed the worst movie of 1964 by Esquire magazine. He's not credited on, but there is a Ruth Freedman listed as production coordinator, who I believe is his sister? (Can't you just hear it? - "We don't have enough money to cast the monster!" "Wait, how about my brother?" "Yeah - okay. Hey kid...wanna be in a movie?")
Thelma even found the Official Trailer on YouTube:

He once caddied for Jackie Robinson, joined the Peace Corps, sings songs in the hallway that I am old enough to remember, and can always be counted on for a cheesy pun. He's also still the best writer on life and politics in town.

How can you not miss a guy like that? Good luck, Chuckles.

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