Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rep. Ryan Yamane thanks Waipio Little League Team and Coaches

Here is Rep. Ryan Yamane's letter to the editor in this morning's Advertiser:

As the father of two young sons, and as the state representative of the Waipio Gentry and Mililani district, I am doubly proud of the phenomenal achievement of the Waipio Little League team.

This team and their coaches showed us all two important things:

1) Never give up; even when you're down, miracles are possible and you must make them happen.

2) Even though we come from a small state in the middle of the Pacific, we can compete with anyone in the world. These young boys are role models for us all; they exemplified persistence and motivation to their dreams and devotion to themselves, their family and the game of baseball.

So, thank you to the boys of the Waipio Little League for your great lessons and big hearts. You played excellent games, displayed good sportsmanship, and extended to the rest of the world your aloha spirit. You are not only baseball players or world champions, but you are also extraordinary ambassadors for the State of Hawaii and our own Waipio community. My congratulations go out to you players, your coaches, and your families.

Ryan Yamane, State Representative, District 37 – Waipio Gentry, Mililani

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Anonymous said...

Please add my congratulations to the Champions. What an achievement! You make us proud.

Aloha, State Representative Marilyn Lee, Mililani