Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We're all a Twitter!

The Hawaii House Blog is now on Twitter for all you folks who need to be in the know of all that is going on at the Hawaii State Capitol.

Twitter is a fairly new social network that many call microblogging or moblogging. Members must keep it short, 140 characters to be exact, when answering the perpetual question, "What are you doing?" The mini blogs can be sent to the mobile phones of your "followers" - that's friends in Twittalk for you newbies - via text messages.

We'll be using Twitter to provide interested folks with breaking news from the Capitol that anyone with a cell phone or Internet connection can get in real time. The great thing about Twitter is that it would be like a mini-HHB. You'll get the facts right when we get them in short blitzes of information even if you're not at your desk. Hey, we may not be at our desks either!

Let's start some chatter on Twitter! Join us at http://twitter.com/hawaiihouseblog.
Photo: Keep an eye out for our thumbnail on Twitter!


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Anonymous said...


Hope you are well and enjoying the Summer.

Tom McAuliffe

Hawaii House Blog - GD said...

Aloha Tom, thanks for dropping by and good luck with your new position.