Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Veto Overrides

The House voted to override 13 bills and 1 line item veto. The final list should essentially be the House list as the Senate overrode many more bills, including these 14 items. They are:

HB2250 RELATING TO TRANSPORTATION. The Hawaii inter-island airline regulations bill. Establishes a statutory scheme for the regulation of Hawaii inter-island air carriers; provided that federal legislation is enacted to permit implementation.

HB2761 RELATING TO CHILDREN'S HEALTH. Post partum and interception care. Requires the Department of Human services to apply to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to extend post-partum and interconception care from eight weeks to at least six months for women who participate in the Hawaii QUEST program.

HB2843 RELATING TO INVASIVE SPECIES. Expands the items subject to the inspection, quarantine, and eradication service fee (inspection fee) to include any freight brought into the State. Requires the inspection fee to be assessed based on net weight of imported freight. Designates the person paying the freight charges to a transportation company as the party responsible for paying the fee. Clarifies that the transportation company is not liable for the fee in the event the party responsible for the fee fails to pay it.

SB156 RELATING TO VOTING. Absentee voting. Authorizes permanent absentee voting. Makes appropriation.

SB2262 RELATING TO HEALTH. VEBA Trusts. Extends the sunset date to July 1, 2010 for the voluntary employees' beneficiary association trust pilot program established pursuant to Act 245, Session Laws of Hawaii 2005, as amended. Requires the state auditor to conduct an analysis of the cost and financial impact of Act 245, Session Laws of Hawaii 2005, and to report to the legislature by December 6, 2010.

SB2263 RELATING TO THE UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII. Requires the University of Hawaii board of regents to publicly disclose in open meetings: (1) compensation offered to newly hired employees; (2) changes in compensation offered to existing employees for administrative positions in the UH system filled by excluded employees; and (3) all budgetary expenditures made by the board of regents.

SB2345 RELATING TO CHILDREN. Establishes guiding principles to be used by state agencies when dealing with children of incarcerated parents.

SB2542 RELATING TO PUBLIC HEALTH. Ensures continued community-based primary care for the uninsured, underinsured, or medicaid recipients by helping the community health center system to remain financially viable and stable in the face of the increasing needs of these populations.

SB2668 RELATING TO THE UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII. Requires at least twelve board of regents members to reside in the geographic areas that they represent. Requires the governor to notify the council of vacancies on the board of regents in a timely manner. Requires the Council to submit names of candidates for a seat on the board of regents within sixty days following a vacancy. Clarifies the requirement for the council's submission of names of board of regents candidates to the governor. Makes confidential all information required by the council regarding board of regents candidates.

SB2803 RELATING TO PERSONAL INFORMATION. Implements recommendations of the 12/2007 report of the Hawaii identity theft task force to protect the security of personal information collected and maintained by state and county government.

SB2840 RELATING TO SELF SUFFICIENCY. Requires the department of business, economic development, and tourism to establish and update biennially a self-sufficiency standard.

SB2843 RELATING TO ELECTRONIC DEVICE RECYCLING. Requires manufacturers of electronic devices to collect and recycle electronic devices. Establishes the electronic device recycling fund. Establishes a working group that includes TV manufacturers to develop a plan to recycle TVs.

SB2878 RELATING TO EARLY LEARNING. Establishes an early learning system in the state. Creates the Early Learning Council to develop and administer the early learning system, to be known as Keiki First Steps. Establishes the Keiki First Steps Grant Program. Statutorily establishes the Pre-Plus Program. Promotes the development of early learning facilities.

SB2830 LINE ITEM VETO OVERRIDE OF $500,000. Joint Legislative Committee on Family Caregiving; Appropriations

During the session, the Governor vetoed 12 bills (and one line-item veto) of which the Legislature overrode 4 bills. So, for 2008, the Legislature passed 294 bills, the Governor vetoed a total of 53 bills, and the Legislature overrode 17.

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