Friday, July 11, 2008

Street parking laws debated

Sixty-seven Makaha residents have signed a petition to protest the recent mass issuance of citations for parking their cars in front of or near their private garages. Other neighbors are grateful for the police intervention.

"I got a ticket because I was parking in front of my driveway to unload, went into the house to use the bathroom, came back out and there was a ticket to my surprise," said Bill Mousser, a community member.

Similarly, another neighbor said that her son, who is a carpenter, was unloading tools while parked on the street in front of her house when he got a $35 ticket. When he told the police that he was just unloading, they said he had to pay the ticket anyway.

"It has been frustrating as a community to have to park a quarter mile away and walk to my home. What about unloading groceries or any other items? If we are left with caring for the immediate area outside of our homes, then why can’t we park there?" added Mousser.

Hawaii parking and street laws include the prohibition of undocumented vehicles on the streets and any vehicle to be parked within four feet of a driveway, even if it's your own driveway.

“The problem has been building for so long and the improvement is greatly appreciated,” said a Manuku Street resident. “The problem goes further than just parking too close to the curb line. There are also cars parked on sidewalks, people putting up 'No Parking' signs in front of the homes, storage of vehicles on the street, and the list goes on. We look forward to the continued enforcement of this situation in the months ahead.”

The Honolulu Police Department said that they were simply responding to numerous neighborhood complaints and enforcing the law. “The enforcement of parking violations is generally discretionary on the part of our officers,” explained HPD Major Michael Moses. “We do realize that parking in many of these communities is scarce. However, when others within the community insist on police action, and there are obvious violations observed, we are obligated to act. Unfortunately, this parking issue has polarized the residents on these streets.”

Rep. Maile Shimabukuro (District 45 – Waianae, Makaha, Makua) is considering drafting legislation to reduce the laws requiring distance of parking near a driveway from four feet to one foot or less.

"The problem with the law is that it makes parking nearly impossible in neighborhoods where houses are close together, such as in Makaha, and in places like Honolulu where parking is always hard to find," Shimabukuro said. "I would bet that most of us do this all the time. Many drivers squeeze into available spaces near driveways leaving just enough space for a car to exit and enter."

Given certain circumstances, many Hawaii residents also park in front of their own driveways. "Some residents park there because they have more cars than their garage can hold, or they're holding a large get-together, unloading, or washing their cars," Shimabukuro said.

"I definitely support HPD enforcing the laws and citing obvious violations like derelict cars, parking on sidewalks, and illegal 'No Parking' signs.” Shimabukuro explained. “I also understand that the driveway laws are in place to permit emergency and police vehicles to enter homes in times of emergency. However, I hope we can find a compromise so that people are not unnecessarily inconvenienced," Shimabukuro said.

Shimabukuro has recently asked the Waianae Neighborhood Board to place this issue on their Transportation Committee agenda to give the community a forum to debate this issue. “One thing the community could consider is whether we should ask for an exception to the driveway laws in neighborhoods such as the Manuku and Nukea Street area where parking is extremely limited,” Shimabukuro stated.

“We need to work together to make the community a better place to live for all involved; no one should be left out,” Mousser urged. “We need to talk to each other and find resolutions.”


Jason said...

It seems that this issue spans further than just out in Makaha. I live near Punahou High where the parking is very scarce as well. My car has been towed twice in the same day from two different areas. The second time it was towed I was parked in a spot that I have been parking for 5 years without incident. There are no signs indicating that it is a no parking zone, tow away zone and it is not near a driveway. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I leave in Kekaiholo St , Ewa beach My truck has been sitting since my other car got on the island and yesterday it was tow for no reason. I live on the street just because somone called and said the truck hasns't moved in a while. I had to pay 177.00 just to get the truck and park it right back. What sense does that make? Also there is a van that hasn't move since I move here in two months no one called about that. I don't get it......

Anonymous said...

I live in Nanakuli, and have gone to our neighborhood board for help with cars parked on sidewalks, as well as illegally parked/derelict vehicles. While at one meeting, I met an elderly woman who happens to live near me, complaining about the SAME problem. Lucky for me, she took pictures of most of the vehicles and posted them for everyone who attended the meeting to see. However, it has been three months and nothing has been done about the problem. My kids walk to school and back everyday, and NEVER have any sidewalk to walk on. Once they leave our property, they have to go directly to the street. Why does HPD respond to one community but not another. How many complaints does it take for them to even address the problem? In years past HPD responded to neighborhood board members complaints immediately. Does this mean I have to be a board member to get service???

Anonymous said...

We live in Sea Country in Waianae and constantly have people pulling in our driveway to turn around, stop and get their mail etc., which makes our dogs bark thinking someone is coming to visit us!! We decided to park in our driveway horozontically to try stop some of it and weren't ticketed but TOWED!!! RIDICULOUS!!!! Had to pay over $200.00 to get our car back!!

Anonymous said...

I live in Nanakuli and the house across me is a rental its a whole unit but they rent out the front and side of the house.. The front house never uses the garage and they have 4 cars. and the back house has 5 cars and street parking is very minimal is there a law stating how many cars a rental unit can have cause they always parking in front of my house where i cant have guess cause of the parking.

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear of all the problems. I live on the Big Island, where commercial and residential are forced to co-exist with the giving of special use permits. My neighbor, a Coffee Mill/Store/Snack Bar/Fruit Stand/Whatever he chooses, was
granted a Permit under the terms of a 14 stall parking lot...The parking lot sits empty and the State Highway is the parking lot...He say's it is too difficult for them to park in the lot and is easier to park on the Street. However, the street is filled with signs mile after mile saying NO PARKING. 17 Years I have written my local government to enforce the NO PARKING and encourage them to Use the Parking Area designated by Law... Um, No they did not stop, I got a restraining order filled against me for "asking for my rights"... I have 3 cars parked in the NO PARK ZONE this minute...but the parking lot... EMPTY.

Obvious to me the Government has no intent of angering the Business, they bring in more taxation than I do.

Who is the real looser... the people who follow the law.

Anonymous said... more comment, I saw on the news that they were going to modify the law to allow more "ohana" and "rental" dwellings to built in existing housing subdivisions to give more housing to the homeless and poor...If the small subdivisions are having parking problems now, how does the government think allowing more homes to be built, will resolve the problem. Typical of the government today...ruin the lives of those who have lived in a house for 20+, working hard to pay it off, so my neighbor can built a shack for 10 more new residents to move in... Sounds stupid....Or maybe i do, just seems like we keep dodging the overpopulation conversation.