Thursday, July 17, 2008

Partisan Composition of State Legislatures

In Hawaii, it's no secret that the state House and Senate hold Democratic super majorities. How do other state legislatures break down in terms of partisan composition? Here's a nifty chart from the National Conference of State Legislatures. The totals show a slight lead of Democrats over Republicans. For example, in State Houses nationwide, there are 5,411 members, of which 2,978 are Democrats, 2,408 are Republicans, 18 are Independent, and 7 are Vacant (not a party.)

I think Massachusetts, however, may have us beat with 160 House members total, of which 141 are Democrats and 19 are Republicans.

Pennsylvania has an almost 50/50 split. There are 203 House members total, of which 102 are Democrats and 101 are Republicans. Must be interesting getting legislation passed.

And here's another chart that shows how states rank in terms of constituents per district. California has the most with a whopping 423,396 constituents per House district. Hawaii came in 34th with 23,756 constitutents per House district. New Hampshire has the least with 3,089 constituents per House district.

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