Monday, July 14, 2008

Hero to one, example to all

Wally Miyasato, pictured in red between Reps. Brower and Mizuno, a 7-11 Supervisor, was recognized by the House of Representatives today for his support of his employee, "Pam", who has been affected by domestic violence.

Wally has been very empathic to Pam's situation. He has allowed her to take time off when she has needed to tend to legal or emotional affairs.

Mizuno, Brower and advocates against domestic violence presented Wally with a certificate honoring his unyielding support of domestic violence victims.

According to Mizuno, they hope to reduce domestic violence through education and public awareness. "We have seen so much negative coverage relating to domestic violence this year, it's refreshing to recognize someone who has been a hero to victims of domestic violence. We're hopeful that other managers, supervisors and employers follow suit because their actions can make a difference and save a family," he said.

Brower, left, said, "Wally helps employees who have hardships and understands the importance of loyalty and ethics in business. His understanding of the lives of domestic violence victims is commendable, and his management skills reveal he has a big heart and enduring sympathy."

"Pam" (in red) talks to reporters about how she survived the abuse and how grateful she is to Miyasato for supporting her during a tough time in her life. "Wally Miyasato is my hero, without his support I would not have a job today," she said.

"Domestic violence survivors cannot survive without the community's support. Employers like Wally make the difference. He has stood by her side and ensured that she has a job to come to and income to claim," said Dara Carlin, a community advocate against domestic violence, to reporters after the presentation of the certificate.


Bau Kahar said...

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Anonymous said...

Dara Carlin has refused to allow visitation with my children in 2.5 years. She is not a DV advocate. She is a perpetrator. Please protect yourself. If you know my kids, let me know what they want for Christmas.