Monday, July 7, 2008

Government websites losing ground on search engines's blog called the 13th floor posted today that government websites are losing their ranking placement on Google, a concern for those who care about the state or city "official" message. The author googled "Louisville" and was surprised to find that the city's official site was not even in the top three. It came in fifth, behind an entertainment website, a travel website, Wikipedia, and the University's website.

That prompted a comment, "Great, I can see some !#$%^& state legislator working on the "Municipal Google Rank Act" now.

How do Honolulu and Hawaii fare? For Hawaii, not counting the Google Map, the official state website comes in fourth. The top three were two tourism websites and the Wikipedia listing. The Legislature's website came in eighth. Honolulu's website did better, coming in second behind Wikipedia.

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