Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Effective July 1, 2008

Many of the bills passed by the legislature have an effective date of July 1 - the start of the new fiscal year. Here's a few of this year's bills of interest, which have already been signed into law, that take effect today:

SB2782 SD2 HD2 RELATING TO METAL. Just in time for the July 4th weekend. Includes beer kegs in laws intended to monitor scrap metal resale. Creates a new misdemeanor offense of theft of beer keg.

SB2499 HD1 CD2 RELATING TO TARO. Kalo finally becomes the official state plant.

SB2464 HD1 CD1 RELATING TO THE STATE MAMMAL. The Hawaiian monk seal becomes the official state mammal.

HB2346 HD2 SD2 CD1 RELATING TO ENDANGERING THE WELFARE OF A MINOR. Expands the crimes of endangering the welfare of a minor in the first and second degrees to include situations in which an adult causes or permits a minor to inject, ingest, or inhale certain controlled substances that were not prescribed for the minor by a physician.

SB3092 SD1 HD1 CD1 RELATING TO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. Mandates that only the last four digits of an individual's social security number shall be listed on judgments, orders, or decrees endorsed and recorded in the bureau of conveyances or land court.

HB2224 HD1 SD2 RELATING TO INSURANCE. Requires group health issuers to offer small group health plans to self-employed individuals who are registered or licensed by the department of commerce and consumer affairs and are located in the group issuer's service areas.

SB1961 SD1 HD1 CD1 RELATING TO BAIL. Establishes grounds for the denial, nonrenewal, suspension, or revocation of a bail agent's insurance producer's license. Establishes fiduciary responsibilities for bail agents. Prohibits an attorney who is a bail agent from representing a person to whom the attorney has furnished bail for compensation.

SB3051 SD2 HD1 CD1. RELATING TO CRIMINAL HISTORY BACKGROUND CHECKS FOR SOCIAL SERVICES PROGRAMS. Authorizes the department of human services or its designee to conduct criminal history record checks for those providing services to vulnerable adults and children.

SB2423 SD2 HD2 CD1 RELATING TO LAND ACQUISITION. Directs the governor, or the governor's designee, to acquire lands owned by Kuilima Resort Company, Oaktree Capital, LLC, and their successors in interest, commonly known as Turtle Bay Hotel and Resort located in Kahuku, Oahu.

HB2710 HD2 SD2 RELATING TO THE RE-EMPLOYMENT OF RETIREES. Allows the state and county governments to hire retired state or county government employees if the employer abides by certain conditions.

HB2366 SD1 CD1 RELATING TO THE ORGAN DONOR REGISTRY. Establishes a statewide organ donor registry

HB3377 SD2 CD1 RELATING TO HIGHWAY SAFETY. Permits installation of ignition interlock device on the vehicle of a person arrested for driving under the influence that prevents the person from starting or operating a motor vehicle with more than a minimal alcohol concentration while the person's case is pending and while the person's license is revoked pursuant to chapter 291E, HRS.

SB2218 SD1 HD2 CD1 RELATING TO ELECTRONIC MONITORING. Requires electronic monitoring of persons convicted of violating a domestic abuse temporary restraining order or protective order.

HB931 HD1 SD1 CD1 RELATING TO MOPEDS. Exempts certain three-wheeled mopeds from seating and passenger restrictions on the operation of mopeds. Requires liability and property damage insurance on three-wheeled mopeds. Restricts three-wheeled mopeds to roadways with speed limits of 35 mph or less.

SB3227 SD2 HD1 CD1 RELATING TO HARBORS. Expands the authority of the aloha tower development corporation to assist in the development of the statewide harbors modernization plan by establishing the Harbors Modernization Group. Authorizes the department of transportation to issue revenue bonds to finance the harbor improvements. Appropriates or authorizes moneys from the harbor revenue bond funds.

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