Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Crossing the line

Rep. Marcus Oshiro wrote a letter to Governor Lingle on June 13, 2008 to complain that Director Lillian Koller, Department of Human Services, crossed the line in her comments on the Mike Buck show, June 9th. He writes:

"Unfortunately, the debate over TANF funding has recently degenerated to the political level...Among other things, Ms. Koller discussed the legislative decision to reduce the TANF appropriation ceiling. She criticized that decision, but also went much further by suggesting that listeners vote for Republican candidates in November 2008 to restore the TANF funds. Her comments were unprofessional and inappropriate while conducting official State business. Moreover, her comments crossed an unspoken line of courtesy adhered to by Democratic legislators as well as your Administration. The line is that Democratic legislators do not use press conferences and interviews on official State business to declare a preference for partisan candidates."

Rep. Oshiro asked Governor Lingle whether she condones Director Koller's comments and is waiting for a reply.

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Anonymous said...

makaala everybody!

the "L&L" (lillian and linda )show needs to be prempted. this variety show of errors his hilarious. lillian everybody knows that time is short for big contributors who havent gotten paid off thru your tanf funds. and your phone and linda's are ringing off the hook for some payback. the pressures on. this battle is easy to figure out....linda cutter no release g.i.a.and fiscal year 2007-2008appropriations,finance chair say no tanf!!..you slap me, i slap you...i taught we all grew up but we neva. republi"cant's" are now on the endangered species list...prediction....no republican leadership in hawaii for the next 50 yrs. i wish it was 2010 already!! go hanabusa go!!