Friday, May 16, 2008

Civil unions on next year's agenda?

An overturn of a state ban on same-sex marriages in a California Supreme Court has sparked new interest and debate on same-sex marriages and civil unions in Hawaii and nationwide. Massachusetts is the only other state that allows same-sex marriages. Vermont, New Jersey and Connecticut have civil union laws and Oregon has a domestic partnership law that offers many of the same rights as a civil union.

In a KHON 2 news story, Rep. Tom Brower shared the results of his automated telephone poll, conducted in March, posing the question of whether civil unions should be legally recognized in Hawaii. 48.8% said yes and 41% said no. While Brower did not take a stand on the issue, Sen. Mike Gabbard asserted that the issue should not be revisited because Hawaii residents already voted against it in 1998, and another unnamed lawmaker admitted to already preparing a same-sex marriage bill for next session.

It's been 10 years since there has been a whole lot of hoopla over same-sex marriages in Hawaii. Are residents ready to take up the issue of redefining marriage again, or more importantly, do Hawaii residents want our lawmakers to make it a priority on the agenda next year?
Ten years is a long time and the country, nor Hawaii, can possibly have the same voice it did in 1998. Even if zilch has changed, wouldn't you still want to find out?

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Autumn Moon said...

I, for one, know that my opinion has changed very much on this subject. However, it is a very serious matter to start taking constitutions apart at the seams. I think laws can be made and changed that will have a positive effect, without going to the lengths of ammending the constitution.