Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thoughts for the last weeks of the session

Members of the House are invited to give an invocation prior to the start of each floor session. The following was provided by Rep. Jerry Chang on April 8th, to reflect on what has transpired since Opening Day, and to shore up as the Legislature heads into its final weeks of the 2008 legislative session and all that that entails.

A Prayer for the Session
By Representative Jerry Chang
District 2 - South Hilo, Waiakea Kai, Kaumana, Keaukaha

On Opening Day we vowed to do the very best for the people of Hawaii; to set aside petty politics and always do what is right for those we represent.

We introduced bills and resolutions that we believed in--and pushed for their passage during the process.

We honored members of our community that we are proud of and learned that there are so many extraordinary people amongst us.

We experienced illness and loss of friends and family members, bringing us to a deep realization that life is short and too precious to waste.

That our relationships in this chamber reflect our relationships in life, and that we should foster our friendships based on honor and respect.

As we enter into the last quarter of the 2008 Legislative Session, let us continue the process that will result in good legislation to benefit all the people of our beautiful state of Hawaii, from support for our families to improving our quality of life and economy.

And as we end the Session and go back to our communities, let us be thankful and humbled by the honor bestowed upon us to represent our constituents in this honorable institution.

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