Monday, April 7, 2008

Second Crossover Bills of Interest

Tomorrow, the House will hear a long agenda of Senate bills on third reading, and the Senate will hear the House bills. The bills that pass third reading will sit for 48 hours before crossing back to the originating chamber on Thursday, April 10th, the second crossover deadline.

The House Speaker will pound the gavel tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m., and you can view the proceedings on or Oceanic Ch. 49. The Senate starts at 10:00 a.m., and you can watch it on Oceanic Ch. 53.

What's up on our order of the day? Here's a sampling:

SB3174 Relating to Affordable Housing. Extends the sunset date of the increased conveyance tax allocation to the Rental Housing Trust Fund. Appropriates funds for expedited thir party review of affordable projects.

SB2842 Relating to Lighting. Beginning January 1, 2010, phases out and bans the use of certain lighting products with lead and high mercury content. Establishes a statewide lighting efficiency standard for general purpose lights.

SB3255 Relating to Long Term Care. Establishes a long-term care commission to: 1)research what resources are necessary to prvoide a continuum of long-term care services to meet state long-term care public policy goals; and 2)recommend a program and funding mechanism that can provide these sservices.

SB2850 Relating to Biosecurity. Establishes and appropriates funds of the Department of Agriculture's biosecurity program.

SB2782 Relating to Metal. Includes beer kegs in laws intended to prevent theft and resale of copper by making theft of a beer keg a misdemeanor and including beer kegs in the laws regulating scrap dealers.

SB2245 Relating to Unattended Children in Motor Vehicles. Makes it a violation of the statewide traffic code to leave a child under age 9 alone or with a minor under age 12 for 5 minutes or longer in a motor vehicle.

SB6 Relating to Opihi. Prohibits selling or offering to sell opihi, except for opihi sold or offered for sale as a curio or jewelry.

SB2212 Relating to Crime. Enables prosecution of human trafficking.

SB2900 Relating to Public Lands. Permits a county to enforce traffic and highway safety laws on, as well as repair or maintain, public streets, roads, or highways whose ownership is in dispute between the State and County without a presumptionn of ownership arising from those actions.

SB651 Relating to Recycling. Establishes a statewide at-store plastic carryout bag recycling program.

SB2218 Relating to Electronic Monitoring. Allows the court, as a condition of probation, to prohibit the defendant's contact with a protected party through the establishment of court-defined geographic exclusion zones, and use of global positioning satellite tracking device if defendant violates domestic abuse temporary restraining order or protective order.

SB2828 Relating to Disaster Relief. Activates provisions of the State's disaster relief law to apply to emergencies, except for enemy attack. Clarifies the use of the Governor's emergency powers in response to a natural or manmade disaster.

SB2421 Relating to Land Acquisition. Authorizes the Governor to acquire lands owned by the Galbraith Estate in central Oahu.

SB958 Relating to Genetically Modified Organisms. Places a five-year moratorium on genetic modification of Hawaiian taro.

SB2878 Relating to Early Learning. Establishes an early learning system in the state.

SB2423 Relating to Land Acquisition. Directs the Governor to acquire lands owned by Kuilima Resort Company, commonly known as Turtle Bay Hotel and Resort.

SB3202 Proposing an amendment to the Hawaii Constitution to extend the mandatory retirement age for state justices and judges from 70 to 80 years of age.

SB966 Proposing an amendment to Article V, Section 1, of the Hawaii constitution, to change the age qualification for the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor from the age of 30 years to the age of 25 years.

SB945 Relating to Ethics. Prohibits state officials from employing or influencing the employment of immediate family members in positions under the official's supervisory authority. Prohibits state agencies, body corporate, and public instrumentalities from entering into contracts valued at $10,000 or more per year with legislators or their businesses.

SB2342 Relating to the Auditor. Requires the auditor to conduct a performance audit of the Saguaro Correctional Facility in Eloy, Arizona, which houses Hawaii prisoners.

SB1311 Relating to Salary Payments. Prohibits the use of any appropriations for the payment of salaries of state employees who coerce, intimidate, or otherwise prevent subordinates from sharing information at legislative hearings or in response to other legislative inquiries.

SB3048 Relating to Hawaiian Homes Commission Act. Extends the maximum term of commercial leases on Hawaiian Home Lands from 65 to 99 years, including extensions.

SB1934 Relating to Taxation. Adds a variety of tax credits; repeals the Ko Olina Resort and Marina and Makaha Resort tax credit.

SB2153 Relating to Income Tax Credit. Provides a $1 refundable tax credit, as is constitutionally mandated under the state constitution.

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