Friday, April 11, 2008

Penny War Prizes Inspired by Sumo

Today, at the end of the floor session, Rep. Blake Oshiro congratulated House members for collecting over $1600 in pennies to help feed Hawaii's hungry. The competition was stiff and the drama was high, therefore, no ordinary awards would do. Rep. Oshiro took his inspiration from the world of Sumo, and named the top three places using Sansho, literally "three prizes".

First Place: Shukun-sho - Outstanding Performance
Winner: Office of Rep. Colleen Meyer
Description: The Shukun-sho is typically awarded to the wrestler who displays outstanding performance relative to his rank.

Second Place: Gino-sho - Technique Prize
Winner: Sergeant-at-Arms
Description: The Gino-sho goes to the wrestler who displays the most skillful technique.

Third Place: Kanto-sho - Fighting Spirit Prize
Winner: Office of Rep. Pono Chong
Description: The Kanto-sho is given to the wrestler who has fought tenaciously to the best of his abilities.

And, while it's not part of Sumo culture, Rep. Oshiro gave out a Consolation Prize, the Zannen-sho, literally translated as "unfortunately, you didn't win, but here you go." That award went to the Office of Rep. Scott Nishimoto, for the stress and trauma of being victims of theft among other theatrics.

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