Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Penny for your thought

Photo (L-R): Jesse Alvarado, Lon Paresa and Mark Villamor with the many boxes of wrapped pennies from the "Penny Wars."

The battle of the pennies has finally come to an end at the State Capitol. The "Penny Wars" fundraiser to benefit the Hawaii FoodBank accumulated 160,000 pennies.

Who were the lucky few to load, count and pack these shiny, copper pebbles? Thanks to Rep. Blake Oshiro's office staff and a few musclemen (see photo above) from Sergeant at Arms, the Hawaii FoodBank will receive $1600 in donations.


gerald said...

So which office won the penny war?

Hawaii House Blog - GD said...

First place went to the Office of Rep. Colleen Meyer.

Second place to House Sgt. at Arms.

Third place to Office of Rep. Pono Chong.