Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Final Reading

Of the 152 bills on the order of the day, 69 bills were placed on the consent calendar for passage.

Six friendly floor amendments, mainly technical changes, were offered on the following bills:

HB2293 on the Galbraith purchase, HB2872 regarding the leaseholders and permittees at Kokee state park, SB2198 on land conservation tax credits, SB2499 on effective date of taro as the state plant, SB6 clarifying which opihi can and cannot be picked, and SB2262 on VEBA trust sunset extension.

Two bills were recommitted back to conference:

SB2363 on sexual assault against a person who is mentally defective, and HB1832 on campaign signs.

Wednesday is a recess day. The House is back for the last day of the session on Thursday, May 1st at 10:00 a.m. There are 29 bills up for final reading, in addition to the 6 bills that were amended today. Included in the bunch are Turtle Bay acquisition, Ignition Interlocking Device, Pedestrian Safety appropriation, Important Agricultural Lands, Solar Energy Tax Credits, Absentee Voting, Biosecurity for Invasive Species, and more.


David Rizor said...

The assertion that charter schools are properly funded by this budget simply is not true. If charter schools were a static government department,there would, indeed be a gain in funding. However, charter schools are, by law, supposed to be funded on a per-pupil basis, not a program basis. With a projected growth in enrollment of over 23% and an increase in funding of slightly over 11% leaves more than one in every ten public school students unfunded in charter schools. The legislature has the power to properly fund these students and should not hold up this gross under-funding as a point of pride by which to promote voting for the budget.

Anonymous said...

Public education works for all...
Charter schools work for some...
nuff said!