Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Expanding Keiki Care for Aloha Airlines

House and Senate members held a press conference today to announce a proposal that would expand the Keiki Care health insurance pilot program for the children of former Aloha Airlines employees. Rep. Maile Shimabukuro (at podium) estimated that around 800 children would participate in the program, at a cost of about $23,000 per month.

The bill is SB69, SD2, HD3 (proposed). It comes up for hearing tomorrow in the Finance committee. The bill would allow the children of former Aloha Airlines employees, from the age of 31-days to 18 years, to receive health insurance coverage at no cost. The cost would be shared by the Department of Human Services and HMSA. The free coverage would be in effect from the date of approval to December 31, 2008, or until the parent gets a new job and is covered under a pre-paid health plan.

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