Friday, April 4, 2008

"Caregivers Recognition Day" bill signed into law

Representative John Mizuno applauded the enactment of a bill that would establish the first Saturday of November as "Caregivers Recognition Day."

"Our state is committed to supporting all caregivers by recognizing their personal sacrifices, caring hearts, and tireless work. Hawaii's caregivers' selfless devotion to our kupuna and the disabled represents the awesome spirit of aloha," said Rep. Mizuno.

The Lt. Governor today signed HB2138, HD1 into law as Act 6.

The new law will celebrate and publicly acknowledge the significant role that caregivers play in support of Hawaii's elderly and disabled persons.

"One of Hawaii's most important values is compassion for our people. We must do our very best to see that every citizen is treated with dignity and respect," said Rep. Mizuno. "Hawaii's caregivers, including professional and family caregivers, have demonstrated personal sacrifice, love, compassion, and complete dedication in caring for those who can not care for themselves."

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