Monday, April 21, 2008

Bill appropriating funds to housing authority moves out of conference

House conferees today agreed to the Senate Draft of HB 3140, SD2, which appropriates the sum of $3,067,955 to the Hawaii public housing authority to repay the department of budget and finance for a loan to pay for liability insurance and payroll costs and to address the budget deficits for the state family public housing program and federal low rent program.

The funds must be allocated as follows:

(1) $1,600,000 for repayment to the department of budget and finance for a loan made to address risk management costs billed by the department of accounting and general services and a payroll shortfall;
(2) $1,080,000 for the payroll shortfall of the state single family housing program;
(3) $17,607 for unbudgeted increases in state single family housing program insurance costs; and
(4) $370,348 for unbudgeted increases in federal low rent program insurance.

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