Monday, March 10, 2008

Bills of interest for TUESDAY, MARCH 11

Committee on Human Services & Housing, 8:30 a.m., Room 329
Chair, Rep. Maile Shimabukuro 586-8460

SB2218, SD1 RELATING TO ELECTRONIC MONITORING. Requires electronic monitoring of persons convicted of violating a domestic abuse temporary restraining order or protective order.

SB2886, SD1 RELATING TO CHILD ABANDONMENT. Increases child abandonment to a class C felony and renames the offense to child abandonment in the first degree. Establishes the offense of child abandonment in the second degree and makes it a misdemeanor to abandon a child by leaving the child with a person in reckless disregard of the risk that the person is not who the person claims to be or has no ascertainable address.

SB2212, SD1 RELATING TO CRIME. Enables prosecution of human trafficking under Hawaii law by creating new offense of sexual exploitation of a minor, amending existing kidnapping, extortion, and prostitution offenses, and including sexual exploitation of a minor in definition of racketeering.

Committee on Economic Development & Business Concerns, 8:30 a.m., Room 325
Chair, Rep. Kyle Yamashita 586-6330

SB2530, SD2 RELATING TO HEALTH INSURANCE SUPPORT FOR SMALL BUSINESS. Requires group health issuers to offer small group health plans to self-employed individuals who are licensed by the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and are located in the group issuer's service areas.

SB2824, SD2 RELATING TO PROCUREMENT. Requires private moneys received by the State to cover costs and expenses of state-sponsored trips and goodwill endeavors to deposited into the general fund.

SB2169, SD1 RELATING TO LIQUOR LICENSES. Establishes winery class of liquor license. Authorizes wineries to sell wine for consumption off-premises.

Committee on Energy & Environmental Protection, 9:00 a.m., Room 312
Chair, Rep. Hermina Morita 586-8435

SB2841 RELATING TO THE DEPOSIT BEVERAGE CONTAINER PROGRAM. Requires retail dealer with more than 75,000 square feet of retail space to operate redemption centers.

SB2843, SD2 RELATING TO ELECTRONIC DEVICE RECYCLING. Establishes a state program for collection, recycling, enforcement, and monitoring of covered electronic devices.

SB2571, SD1 RELATING TO FOOD WASTE RECYCLING. Requires the Department of Education, in a partnership with the Department of Health, to establish a three-year food waste recycling pilot project within one or more public schools.

SB2932, SD3 RELATING TO ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSE TAX. Increases the state environmental response tax on petroleum in order to increase funding available for energy conservation, alternative energy development, global warming initiatives, and other programs pursuant to chapter 128D, HRS.

Committee on Judiciary, 2:00 p.m., Room 325
Chair, Rep. Tommy Waters 586-9450

SB1961, SD1 RELATING TO BAIL. Creates a licensing requirement for bail bond agents. Prohibits certain acts by bail bonds agents.

SB2204, SD1 RELATING TO CAMPAIGN SPENDING. Clarifies campaign spending law relating to electronic filing of reports; clarifies that "ordinary and customary" expenditures are allowable under campaign spending law; clarifies that the campaign spending commission shall not issue rules through the issuance of an advisory opinion; clarifies that in the case of a corporation or company using funds from its own treasury, there shall be no limit on contributions or expenditures to the corporation or company non-candidate committee; clarifies who is subject to administrative fines for violations relating to campaign contributions and expenditures; double the amount a candidate can transfer from campaign or surplus funds to a community or charitable organization.

SB711 RELATING TO TAXATION. Establishes a ten-year statute of limitations on tax collections. Clarifies that the three-year statute of limitations on tax assessments for the general excise tax, use tax, and other period taxes begins running from the filing of each periodic return.

SB2562, SD1 RELATING TO VOTING. Authorizes permanent absentee voting.

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