Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bills of interest for Thursday, March 20th

Committee on Judiciary, Room 325, 2:25 p.m.
Chair: Rep. Tommy Waters 586-9450

SB2745, SD1 RELATING TO DEFAMATION. Establishes that communication of defamatory statements by telephone, facsimile, electronic mail, or other computer communication meets the requirement of publication.

SB2898, SD1 RELATING TO THE AGREEMENT AMONG THE STATES TO ELECT THE PRESIDENT BY NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE. Adds a new chapter to Hawaii Revised Statutes to enter Hawaii into an interstate compact to determine the winner of a presidential election by "national popular vote."

SB2895, SD1 RELATING TO OFFENSES AGAINST PUBLIC ORDER. Adds equine animals as protected under the lawpertaining to offenses relating to cruelty to animals.

SB3146, SD1 RELATING TO CRIMES. Makes it a misdemeanor to consume a cat, dog, or horse. Clarifies definition of "pet animal".

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