Saturday, February 2, 2008

Proposed HD1 available for Child Abuse bill

As a follow up to last week's briefing on domestic violence and child abuse, a new draft has been proposed by the House per Rep. Green's comments at the briefing. The bill is HB2596 RELATING TO CHILDREN, introduced by Rep. Pono Chong, and it will be up for hearing on Tuesday morning. The proposed draft is available for viewing online at the Legislature's website,, or can be picked up in Room 406. In summary, the proposed HD1:

Requires the Department of Human Services to investigate reports of drug use by a parent or legal custodian in the home of a child within 24 hours. Requires a parent or legal custodian to be drug free for at least 60 days prior to being allowed visitation with a child and to participate in substance abuse treatment for at least one year before being awarded full custody of a child.

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