Friday, February 8, 2008

Legislature 2008 - Day 16

Today was Day 16 of the 60-day session.

House Majority Package: All bills in the House Majority package are moving forward.

Joint House/Senate Majority Package: All bills are alive and moving.

Today in the floor session, here are some actions of note:

The Universal Healthcare bill, HB1598 HD1, passed second reading and will go next to Consumer Protection & Commerce. Voting no: Reps. Ching, Evans, Finnegan, Marumoto, Meyer, Ward.

The bill appropriating funds to purchase the Galbraith Estate lands, HB2292, passed second reading and now goes to Finance. None voting no.

A bill that limits liability for land owners with dams and reservoirs, HB2823 HD1, passed second reading and goes on to Judiciary. Voting no: Reps. Belatti, Berg, Morita, Saiki, Sonson, Thielen.

A bill authoring the use of tasers by DLNR enforcement officers (DOCARE), HB3016 HD1, passed second reading and moves to Judiciary. None voting no.

A bill that imposes a royalty fee on bottled water in order to protect the state's water supply. HB3445 HD1, also places a moratorium on bottled water originating from groundwater sources in the state that are not under the jurisdiction of any county boards of water supply. Voting no: Meyer, Souki.

Bills of note that were deferred indefinitely(dead):

HB3389, A bill that prohibits all commercial activities in marine life conservation districts designated after 1/01/68. Chair Ken Ito wants to work with the parties to find a better balance between commercial operations and conservationists.

HB3294, A bill that provides funds for a special election, convention expenses and compensation of delegates, a citizen education program and updating of the constitutional convention studies. Chair Tommy Waters cited problems on the timing of the bill, noting that funds would lapse before the state would be ready to spend money provided that voters approved a Constitutional Convention in the 2008 election.

Next big deadline: Thursday, February 14th is the filing deadline for First Lateral. All House bills with more than one referral must move to the final referral committee.

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