Friday, February 29, 2008

Hawaii's French community honored by Legislature's recognition

A small red, white and blue flag waved proud francophone's into a small room today to celebrate and honor the recent marriage of France's President Nicolas Sarkozy and former Italian model Carla Bruni.

Photo: Rep. Awana, French Honorary Consul Patricia Y. Lee, Rep. Cabanilla.

A goblet full of French citizens who have made Hawaii their home and other lovers of the culture eagerly welcomed each other with a "Bonjour" and a smile this morning. They draped large flags representing France and the European Union over tables and excitedly took group pictures to remember the momentous day. Although a small group, their energy reverberated throughout the Capitol. They were delighted to be there, but even more pleased that their community was being recognized by the State Legislature.

"This certificate shows that they [lawmakers] care about the French people." Magda Alexander, a French language teacher at the Academia Language School in Honolulu, said, "We are very proud about being acknowledged by the State of Hawaii.

Rep. Rida Cabanilla and Rep. Karen Awana presented a congratulatory certificate signed by members of the House for President Sarkozy to Honolulu's French Honorary Consul Patricia Y. Lee, an attorney and partner with Goodsill lawfirm.

French Admiral Frederic Maurice, the Commander in Chief of all French military forces in the Pacific, will present the certificate to the president when he visits Tahiti in the near future.

"We are very honored, despite the long distance from Hawaii, that Rep. Cabanilla chose to recognize the French president in such a special way," Lee said.

Photo: Rep. Cabanilla welcomes the Hawaii's francophone's to the Capitol.

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