Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 21 First Lateral - What Falls Away

Today, House members voted on bills that successfully made it through the First Lateral deadline. These are bills that originated in the House, and have reached their final committee destination before they either die or cross over to the Senate. For example, if a bill was referred to three committees: Health, Judiciary, and Finance, the bill must have made it to the last committee, Finance, or else it is dead.

A great majority of proposals are still alive, either in its original bill or consolidated into another bill. At this first major deadline, the question is more likely to be - what didn't make it? What falls away to reveal a sharper focus on the House's priorities?

In the House Majority Package, all bills are still alive. In the Joint House/Senate Majority Package, however, there have already been casualties. They are:

HB2508, relating to the deposit beverage container program, that requires retail dealers of more than 75,000 square feet to operate redemption centers. The Senate companion, however, is still alive.

Here are some other House bills of interest that did not make the lateral deadline:

HB2495, which bans the use of polystyrene foam containers by food retailers.

HB2177, which requires to distribute only recyclable checkout bags.

HB2303, which transfers the Bureau of Conveyances from the Department of Land and Natural Resources to the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

HB2305, which probits smoking on public beaches.

HB2344, constitutional amendment which raises the mandatory retirement age for judges from 70 to 72.

HB2411, which give psychologists prescriptive authority if they are practicing at a federally qualified health center.

HB2416, which establishes a statewide agricultural cooperative.

HB2678, establishes a secure growing facility for medical marijuana, for not more than 14 qualified patients.

HB2680, banning the use of aspartame.

The next major deadline is two weeks from today. That's First Decking on February 29th.

Have a question on the status of a bill or issue? Go to the Legislative website here, or ask us a question and we'll do our best to answer.

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