Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bills of interest for MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH

Committee on Tourism and Culture, Room 325

HB2625, HD1 RELATING TO THE DESIGNATION OF APRIL 19 AS "HAWAIIAN MONK SEAL DAY". Establishes the third Saturday in April of each year as Hawaiian Monk Seal Day in Hawaii. (Pine)

HB2626 RELATING TO THE DESIGNATION OF THE HAWAIIAN MONK SEAL AS THE STATE MAMMAL OF HAWAII. Designates the Hawaiian Monk Seal as the state mammal. (Pine)

Committee on Finance, Agenda #1, Room 308, 10:00 a.m.

HB2558, HD2 RELATING TO CHILD PROTECTION. Authorizes the Department of Human Services to conduct unannounced visits to inspect a parental home in which a household member was convicted or adjudicated for certain offenses of child abuse or neglect. Establishes a Well Child Follow up Visit Pilot Project. (B. Oshiro)

Committee on Finance, Agenda #2, Room 308, 11:15 a.m.

HB2447, HD1 RELATING TO PSYCHOTROPIC MEDICATION. Provides permanent access to psychotropic medications by Medicaid recipients. (Mizuno)

HB2766, HD1 RELATING TO ELECTRONIC MONITORING. Allows the courts to require electronic monitoring of persons convicted of violating a domestic abuse temporary restraining order or protective order. Appropriates funds for offenders who cannot afford to pay for costs associated with the monitoring device. (Lee)

Committee on Finance, Agenda #3, Room 308, 12:30 p.m.

HB2668, HD1 RELATING TO HOUSING. Requires public housing projects and affordable housing funded by county or state funds and housing administered or held by the Hawaii Public Housing Authority to remain affordable in perpetuity. (Say)

HB2735 HD1 RELATING TO PUBLIC HOUSING. Appropriates funds for the contract hiring of at least three full-time security guards, police officer, or public safety officer with police powers at Mayor Wright Homes public housing complex. (Rhoads)

Committee on Finance, Agenda #4, Room 308, 1:45 p.m.

HB1993 RELATING TO HEALTH. Appropriates funds to provide care for uninsured Hawaii residents. (Green)

HB2888, HD1 RELATING TO MEDICAL SERVICES. Appropriates various amounts for: 1)24-hour ambulance service for Haiku, Maui and Molokai; 2)mobile medical van for South Kona, Kau and upper Puna, Hawaii; 3)Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center; 4)outpatient urgent and extended emergency care in West Maui; emergency power systems for Queen's Medical Center; family practice residency program at Kona community hospital. (Herkes)

Committee on Finance, Agenda #5, Room 308, 2:45 p.m.

HB2076 RELATING TO DEPLETED URANIUM. Requires the Department of Health to establish air sampling stations to monitor for levels of depleted uranium. (Evans)

HB1996, HD1 RELATING TO HEALTH CARE. Establishes Health Enterprise Zones in the state to provide incentive for health care providers to serve in health professional shortage areas of the state. (Green)

HB2151, HD1 RELATING TO CAPTIVE INSURANCE. Forms a captive insurance company to provide medical malpractice insurance to self-employed medical doctors. (Evans)

Committee on Finance, Agenda #6, Room 308, 4:00 p.m.

HB2330, HD2 RELATING TO ELECTRIC VEHICLES. Requires the Department of Transportation to adopt rules for the registration of electric vehicles, as needed. Requires counties to issue special license plates for electric vehicles. Waives parking fees and high occupancy vehicle restrictions for electric vehicles. Waives vehicle registration fees and taxes for neighborhood electric vehicles. (Waters)

HB3211, HD1 RELATING TO CLOTHESLINES. Allows for the use of clotheslines on any privately owned single-family residential dwelling or townhouse. (Morita)

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