Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bills of interest for MONDAY, FEB. 11TH

Committee on Transportation, Room 309, 9:00 a.m.

HB2951 RELATING TO TRANSPORTATION. Requires Department of Transportation to implement traffic congestion reduction plans, a statewide traffic flow improvement plan, a statewide infrastructure maintenance and improvement program, and a traffic safety enhancement plan. (Souki)

HB1972 RELATING TO TRAFFIC. Require DOT to establish and operate a county-wide highway traffic advisory radio system to advise motorists of updated current traffic conditions in any county having a population of greater than 300,000. (Takai)

HB3228 RELATING TO ABANDONED VEHICLES. Allow counties to remove abandoned motor vehicles from private roads. (Nishimoto BR)

HB2860 HD1 RELATING TO TAXATION. Exempts from general excise and use taxes the fuel sold from a foreign trade zone for intrastate air transportation by common carriers. (Souki)

Committee on Water, Land, Ocean Resources & Hawaiian Affairs, Room 312, 9:30 a.m.

HB2887 RELATING TO TATTOOING. Exempts experts in the practice of Kakau, traditional Hawaiian tattooing, from current tattoo licensure laws and directs the Department of Health to work with Kahuna ka Kakau to develop best practices for traditional Hawaiian tattooing. (Awana)

HB2525 RELATING TO HAWAII COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY. Requires the Hawaii Community Development Authority to incorporate smart growth principles in community plan rules. (Har) (House Majority)

Committee on Consumer Protection & Commerce, Room 325, 2:05 p.m.

HB2001 HD1 RELATING TO TELEPHARMACY. Permits the operation of remote dispensing pharmacies. (Morita)

HB3367 HD1 RELATING TO WIRELESS ENHANCED 911. Reduces the monthly surcharge on wireless telephone accounts for deployment of system to locate wireless 911 callers. (Caldwell)

HB2810 RELATING TO WATER RATES. Establishes a process for just and reasonable water rates for farming operations with PUC oversight, but excludes the water supplier from the definition of a "public utility". (Tsuji)

HB2965 HD1 RELATING TO AGRICULTURAL WATER SECURITY. Establishes measures for preserving the security of the State's agricultural water supply in the event of an emergency. (Takamine)

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