Saturday, January 26, 2008

Speaker appoints members of the House Ethics Committee

The newly formed House Ethics Committee is a bi-partisan committee made up of three members of the majority and three members of the minority. They are:

Rep. Kirk Caldwell - Majority Leader, Rep. Blake Oshiro - Majority Floor Leader, Rep. Pono Chong - Vice Speaker, Rep. Lynn Finnegan - Minority Leader, Rep. Colleen Meyer - Minority Floor Leader, and Rep. Barbara Marumoto.


Doug said...

Who is the Committee Chair? Who is the Vice-Chair?

Hawaii House Blog - GD said...

Chair is Kirk Caldwell. Vice Chair is Blake Oshiro.

Ethics Guru said...

Watch and wait. See how nothing is going to happen because Caldwell and Oshiro will bottle things up. This is really like the fox guarding the coop. A bunch of hot air.