Monday, December 17, 2007

Students Lobby at Capitol for Invisible Children

Photo: from left - Paul Tran, Jennifer O. Scott, Bangu Ntwaagae, Aya Sato, Chelsea Travis, Jennifer Zondlo and Rep. John Mizuno.

With draft legislation in hand, a group of students lobbied at the state capitol today for a bill and resolution to help the invisible children of Uganda.

The worldwide Invisible Children campaign aims to raise funds for the children impacted by the 20-year-long war in Northern Uganda. Hawaii Pacific University students have established a Hawaii branch club of the organization, Invisible Children Hawaii, which is part of the Schools 4 Schools program. Click here to view their impressive website.

The draft bill, entitled RELATING TO THE EMPLOYEES' RETIREMENT SYSTEM, prohibits the ERS from acquiring securities of companies that have active business operations with Uganda. It's similar to the bill that passed last year related to investments in Darfur. The draft resolution is entitled CONDEMNING THE GENOCIDE AND VIOLENCE IN NORTHERN UGANDA AND URGING CONGRESS WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE PRESIDENT TO ENGAGE THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY TO TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN OF UGANDA.

Invisible Children Hawaii plans a "Sleep-In" at the State Capitol during the legislative session to demonstrate their opposition to the war and to gather support for Ugandan students.

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