Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rep. Karen Awana Joins the House Majority

Today, Rep. Karen Awana went down to the Democratic Party Headquarters, signed her card, and announced her decision to change political parties. Rep. Awana represents District 44 - Honokai Hale, Nanakuli, Lualualei. She becomes the 44th Democrat in the House Majority Caucus, leaving 7 Republicans for a House total of 51 members.

Here are quotes from the House Majority press release welcoming Rep. Awana to the caucus:

"Within the past year, I have learned that it would be in the best interest of the community which I serve to join the Democrats," said Rep. Awana. "As a new member of the legislature, I have learned more about the legislative process and the relationships that are important to effectuate positive change. It is my belief that this change, to become a Democrat, will allow me to better serve my community and my constituents."
Photo: Reps Michael Magaoay, Calvin Say, Marilyn Lee, Karen Awana and Sharon Har

"I support Rep. Awana in her decision," said House Speaker Calvin Say. "Over the past year, I have observed that Rep. Awana's first priority is helping her district, which has a severe homeless and housing situation, large unemployment numbers and a serious drug problem. I believe she is doing what she needs to do to help her community."

Rep. Awana's committee assignments will be reviewed and possibly changed by the Speaker's office. She currently serves on the Committees on Finance, Health, Human Services & Housing, and International Affairs.

"The Majority Caucus welcomes Karen Awana and looks forward to working with her during the next legislative session," said Majority Leader Kirk Caldwell. "She is a promising freshman legislator, and we value her new voice and future contributions to our caucus."
Photo: Inspi(red)? From left, Marilyn Lee, Sharon Har, Marcus Oshiro, Tom Brower, Karen Awana, Annelle Amaral.
UPDATE: Here are the links to the news reports on Rep. Awana. The Advertiser here and here. The SB here.


Doug said...

Are the House Dem's press releases available (promptly) online somewhere? The existing website seems a bit musty ... and without the release mentioned in this post.

Good thing you have an assistant now, heh.

James Gonser said...

Wow, someone who actually wants to see the press release. We've sent selected press releases over to the House Majority Caucus website in the past, so perhaps we can start posting all of them there. It's run by HMSO.

Anonymous said...

Another Hawaii politician loses my vote. And I'm a lifelong Democrat. For shame, Karen Awana!