Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Legislature 2008 Next on "Think Tech"

Reps. Kirk Caldwell, Marcus Oshiro and Tommy Waters will appear tomorrow (Wednesday) on "Think Tech", KIPO, 89.3 FM, 5-6 p.m., to talk about what's coming up in the Legislature for 2008. Caldwell is the House Majority Leader, Marcus Oshiro is the Finance Chair, and Waters is the Chair of Judiciary. All three had an elevated role to play in the recent special session, as Caldwell assumed Vice Speaker duties in addition to Majority Leader, Oshiro chaired the House committee hearings on the Superferry bill (and ultimately voted against the bill), and Waters introduced and chaired the hearing on the Extended Sentencing bill. You can listen to KIPO by streaming audio here, and the show will be available by podcast later.

And, while this probably had nothing to do with Think Tech's invitation for these three to appear on the show, Caldwell, MOshiro and Waters happen to comprise the House Surfing Caucus, so if the high surf continues to pound the south shore....

Photo: Honolulu Advertiser

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Anonymous said...

...they may have to call an "emergency" caucus?