Monday, October 22, 2007

Maui Superferry hearing update; streaming live

The second public hearing on the draft Superferry legislation is two hours underway in Wailuku, Maui. The meeting is currently streaming live on Akaku: Maui Community Television's website.

A breaking news report from the Advertiser describes a "raucous crowd of 400" people, including the head of the Maui County Council who told the panel of senators that the proposed Superferry legislation which would allow the ferry to sail while an environmental review was being conducted would "spark 'a social and political revolution' unlike any seen since the 1950s movement that brought Democrats to power in Hawai'i."

Other speakers were concerned about the process, as well as the environmental impacts of the ferry, and cautioned against a special session.

Reporter Tim Sakahara of KGMB also reported on the hearing during the 5 o'clock newscast and described instances of people "yelling, trying to drown out the speakers, especially the ones in support of the Superferry." The hearing is supposed to last another few hours.

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Anonymous said...

Today's Honolulu Advertiser states:

"The legislative and Superferry sources, speaking on background, said Lingle had been concerned with a provision in the draft legislation requiring the state auditor to investigate the Lingle administration's review of the Superferry project. A LEGISLATIVE SOURCE SAID LAWMAKERS HAVE APPARENTLY AGREED TO DROP LANGUAGE URGING LINGLE TO WAIVE ANY ATTORNEY CLIENT PRIVILEGE AS PART OF THE AUDIT." [emphasis added]"

Please say it ain't so. The audit requirement is the ONLY good part of the bill, and you should be demanding, not "urging," the Governor to waive any privilege so the people will know how her administration got us into this mess.