Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Superferry hearing at the Capitol set for Thursday; How to Testify

The House Transportation and Finance committees will hear public testimony on the draft Superferry legislation this Thursday at 9 a.m. in the State Capitol Auditorium (chamber level). Click here for the hearing notice and here for a copy of the draft legislation.
Deliver hard copies of testimony to the House Chief Clerk's Office (State Capitol, Room 027) OR send testimony by email. Either way, testifiers will be given a registration number, which will serve as their place number on the testifier's list. Testimony should be less than 5 pages in length.

Paper Hard Copy: One original document may be hand-delivered to the House Chief Clerk's Office. The testifier will be given a registration number for the testifiers' list.

Email: Testifiers should first determine whether they want to testify in person or just submit testimony for the record and not testify in person. To testify in person, send testimony to: HouseTestimony@Capitol.hawaii.gov. Testifiers will receive a reply confirming acceptance of the testimony and their assigned registration number.

To simply send testimony for the record (and not appear at the hearing) send testimony to HouseRecord@Capitol.hawaii.gov.

Testimony will be accepted until the end of the hearing, but the earlier testimony is submitted, the earlier the person will be called to speak at the hearing. The Chairs will go in numerical order according to registration numbers.

After the start of the hearing, and once the chairs start to move through the testifier list, testimony that has been presented will be posted for public viewing online at the Capitol website.

Metered stalls are located at the State Capitol (Miller Street entrance), Iolani Palace, U.S. Post Office, Kalanimoku Building (entrance from Punchbowl Street or Beretania Street), City and County parking lot (entrance from South Street or Beretania Street), Department of Health (Punchbowl street entrance) and street parking along Richards Street. There are numerous public parking lots in downtown Honolulu, but the closest to the Capitol is at Alii Place (Alakea Street entrance)

The hearing will be broadcast live on Olelo, public access television, Ch. 54.

An information desk will be located directly outside the Auditorium. You may go there for general information and questions, to track testifiers, confirm registration numbers, etc.


Les said...

The link for the copy of the draft does not work. How are we supposed to make a comment if the pdf is not available?
Can you please fix the link?


James Gonser said...

Hi Lessie,
Our apologies. I fixed the link and it should be working now. Give it a try. Let me know if you're still having trouble.

Doug said...

Isn't the correct link actually
HB 1 ?

The link you provided is to the draft from last Friday, which is slightly different.

Anonymous said...

I tried to send in a testimony but was unable to do so because your box was full.

James Gonser said...

Doug is correct. Mahalo. I've linked the HB1.

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out how to leave a testimony but just for the record . I live here on Kauai and along with many are in support of the Superferry. Many of us may feel intimidated by the protesters (what can I say ...but it is a small island)so we choose to support silently without going to these meetings. I myself chose not to go because I wasn't sure it would be safe for my young son too be there. ( it turned out to be peaceful )Taffy

James Gonser said...

Hi Taffy,
You may email testimony just for the record at Houserecord@capitol.hawaii.gov.