Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How much will the Special Session cost taxpayers?

Can't speak for the Senate, but based on figures provided by the House Chief Clerk's office, the only non-budgeted item related to the Special Session is the per diem cost, $150 per day, for our 16 neighbor island representatives. If the session ends tomorrow, October 31st, that will mean 8 days X 16 members X $150, for a House of Reps total of $19,200.

Photo: The print shop crew working through the Special Session


Anonymous said...

Obviously, you're not including printing, postage, Oahu legislators per diem, etc.

Not a lot to be sure, but still not free.

House Blog said...

Good point. Oahu legislators do not receive per diem for the special session (only when they travel), but as you can imagine, there is a whole lot of printing going on. I believe, however, that printing and postage costs are part of the normal budget expenditures.