Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 4 - Senate Session this morning

Today is a critical day for the special session, hinging on the Senate third reading votes on SB1, SD1, and SB2, whether these bills this morning crossover to the House unamended, and what the House Transportation and Finance committees do with these bills at the end of the day.

Here's what happened in the Senate: SB1, SD1 Relating to Transportation (Superferry bill) passed third reading with 20 ayes and 5 noes. Ayes: Chun-Oakland, Espero, Hemmings, Inouye, Slom, Whalen; Ayes with reservations: Bunda, Fukunaga, Gabbard, Hanabusa, Hee, Ige, Ihara, Kim, Menor, Nishihara, Sakamoto, Taniguchi, Tokuda, Trimble; Noes: Baker, English, Hooser, Kokubun, Tsutsui. Click here for bill status.

SB2 on Extended Sentencing was not on the agenda. Come to think of it, the Senate did not hold a hearing on SB2, so looks like they are going with the House vehicle.

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