Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Capitol ghost stories - The Queen Helps a Child

Gail Sagara, office manager for Senator Russell Kokubun, recalls an incident many years ago, in the early 1980's, when she worked in the House Sgt. at Arms office. She was working a little late into the evening, and she had her young daughter with her. Gail's husband was going to pick them up, so she was waiting for his phone call in the office. Her daughter asked to be taken to the restroom, so Gail hurriedly took her to the women's restroom. She didn't want to miss her husband's call, so she told her daughter to walk back through the corridor when she was finished, and to look for the lighted doorway, which she would leave open.

Time passed and her daughter had not returned. Gail got very worried, searched both the men's and women's restroom on the chamber level, and could not find her daughter. She called security, and they instructed Gail to go back to the Sgt. at Arms office while they looked for the daughter on the various floors.

Soon after, Gail's young daughter appeared in the doorway and spoke to someone whom Gail could not see. She said that she had found her mommy and that she'd be alright. Gail rushed to scoop up the child, called her husband and security, closed up the office, and went up to the Entry level to the Iolani Palace parking lot. As they crossed the mall, they passed by the statue of Queen Liliuokalani, and the daughter said to Gail, "Look mommy, that's the lady who helped me."

Today, Gail's daughter is 33 years old, and she still believes that the woman who helped her was the Queen.

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