Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Emergency Pet Shelters

In several news reports on preparing for the potential impact of Hurricane Flossie (surely they can come up with more ominous names), residents are warned that pets are not allowed at emergency shelters. This should not be so. After seeing the effect of Katrina on pets and their owners, the legislature passed a law in 2006, HB3121, introduced by Rep. Ryan Yamane. Effective upon approval in May 2006, the law requires the Director of Civil Defense to identify public shelters suitable for sheltering pet animals. Private shelters may also be identified for the same purpose. The law directs the governor to establish criteria, requirements, conditions and limitations for providing shelter for pets during emergencies such as hurricanes.

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sandwich said...

That picture with the cat cracked me up until I saw the tube of KY jelly in the pet first aid kit. I can't even begin to think of why that's in there. Maybe I don't want to know. Maybe that's why the cat looks so alarmed.