Monday, July 23, 2007

Utah Senate Visits China

When the Hawaii House Majority was contemplating the idea of starting a blog, we looked to what other state legislatures were doing, and one of the best sites we found was the Senate Site, a blog by the Utah Senate Majority. They were very helpful in answering our questions and sharing from their experiences as a popular political blog in Utah. Recently, the Utah Senate went to China, and they've posted some great photos and stories about their trip. It's a reminder that Hawaii, with our large Asian population, is not the only state reaching out to Asia. Aloha to our Utah readers.


The Senate Site said...

Thanks for the Aloha, amigos. You've done a phenomenal job with this site. The crusty Utah curmudgeon Edward Abbey once suggested, "The cure for the ills of democracy is more democracy." Legislative blogs help. Keep it up!

Do you send legislative delegations to other countries too - like we did this month to Liaoning - or are we solo on that?

James Gonser said...

Thanks again for your help and encouragement. It should be interesting to see where this blog goes once session starts in January. When is your session? Do you make any changes for the session, or see increases in hits and comments?

As far as I know, the legislature hasn't organized international delegations, but the Governor does and invites lawmakers to participate. There has been some disagreement, though, between the legislature and the administration on procurement issues, esp. when private businesses are solicited for sponsorship.

The Senate Site said...

That makes sense.

The only thing we change on the Senate Site during session is to install a clock that counts the days, hours, minutes and seconds to Sine Die. Then we watch it like it's our new religion. During session we have 100 times the subject matter to blog about, but no time to do it. We do our best to fit it in.

Public response is interesting. Hits go way up during session, but the number of public comments seems to go down. Go figure.