Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hawaii Rx

Letter to the Editor By Rep. Kirk Caldwell
Majority Leader
District 24 - Manoa

The Advertiser's 5/30/07 story on the State's discount drug program was excellent reporting. Hawaii Rx has been frustrating for legislators who have been working hard to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for Hawaii seniors. I appreciate the fact that Derrick DePledge not only had the facts right, but demonstrated a true understanding of the history of the legislation and the push and pull between the parties. This session, we vowed that we could no longer accept the excuses of the Lingle administration, and we are instructing them to enter into negotiations with the drug companies.

We often complain that the news media does not cover the Legislature as fully as they should, for the public's sake. In this case, you provided a tremendous service by bringing the story to the people's attention and in explaining the issue of getting low-cost drugs for Hawaii residents as the bill intended.

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