Friday, June 22, 2007

Governor may veto pedestrian safety bill.

Slow down! That's the message we're seeing in more and more neighborhoods as Hawaii residents continue to be hurt or killed in pedestrian accidents. SB1191 strengthens Hawaii's current crosswalk law, but we hear that the Governor intends to veto the bill because funding for the program would be taken out of the state's highway fund. The bill appropriates $1.5 million in 2007-2008, and $1.5 million in 2008-2009 to improve high risk crosswalks and roadways throughout the state, including the installation of more traffic countdown timers. The bill is particularly important to seniors who have difficulty crossing in the time allowed. Pedestrian safety is too critical an issue in our state to quibble over a funding source. The bill should be allowed to become law.


Anonymous said...

Pedestrian safety is not critical. Crosswalks are for killing off our surplus of the old and crippled. That's the policy our officals are unwilling to say out loud. We have plenty of laws to protect pedestrians already, but like many other laws here, they aren't enforced. Crosswalks are like speed-limit signs. We just put 'em out there so the dumb haoles in Washington will keep sending us highway (and soon, train) money. That's why all of us, including cops, try not to drive any slower than 10 mph over the limit. Life is cheap in Hawaii. Be quick or be dead. Aloooooo-ha.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above is unfortunately correct. The Legislature can pass laws, but unless HPD enforces them, what's the use? Cars still ignore the crosswalk laws because they can. The chances of being caught and ticketed are zero. So the elderly, or in fact anyone who ventures into the street, are open targets.

And the governor's intention to veto the bill is shameful. Her intention to withhold the funds if the Legislature overrides seems to me to be criminal.