Press Releases

2016 Releases

2015 Releases

12/10/15 Finance Committee Lanai Site Visit
12/08/15 Rep. Ing - Debt Free College
12/01/15 Kapolei Parkway Second Access 
12/01/15 2016 Capitol Session Jobs
10/16/15 Finance Committee Molokai Site Visit
10/14/15 Maui Lawmakers Listen
10/08/15 Hawaii Next 50 Contest
09/30/15 Rep. Chris Lee Meets with President Obama on Nation's Economic Agenda
09/03/15 Lawmakers Call for Publicly Owned Utilities
08/31/15 Rep. Tsuji Recovering from Successful Procedure
08/19/15 Cool Schools 4 Ewa
08/13/15 LoPresti Praises Portables for Campbell High
07/06/15 Ing Presents Plan for Maui Cane Burning
07/02/15 HB174 Facial Abnormalities Insurance
07/01/15 Windward Oahu CIP
06/30/15 West Oahu CIP
06/30/15 Native Hawaiian Training
06/23/15 Rep. Yamane Red Cross Texas Relief
05/22/15 HB604 Sakada Day
05/08/15 Kauai CIP
05/07/15 House Adjourns 2015 Regular Session
05/07/15 Medical Marijuana Passes Final Reading
05/06/15 Theatre Closed Captioning HB1272
05/06/15 Maui District 9 CIP
05/05/15 House Passes Bills on Final Reading
05/05/15 Hawaii First in Nation to Adtio 100% Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard
05/04/15 Lawmakers Advance Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bill for Final Reading
05/01/15 Maui Hospital Partnership Approved
05/01/15 Conference Bills Move to Floor Vote
05/01/15 Big Island CIP  
05/01/15 Grant in Aid Appropriations
04/28/15 Legislators Agree to State Budget
04/28/15 Maui Memorial Privitization
04/24/15 State Budget Conference Reconvene
04/24/15 Tobacco Age Raised to 21
04/22/15 Theatre Closed Captioning
04/21/15 Joint State Budget Conference Committee
04/21/15 Closed Captioning in Movie Threatres
04/14/15 Second Crossover
04/07/15 Rep. Takumi Appointed to National Education Posts
04/05/15 Alii Place Purchase
03/23/15 Kauai CIP
03/20/15 Hawaii Next 50 Winners
03/20/15 State Budget Tackles Ag Initiatives - Rep. Onishi
03/20/15 Big Island Capital Improvement Proposals
03/19/15 Maui County House CIP
03/18/15 Maui District 9 Capital Improvement Funding
03/18/15 Budget passes state House
03/17/15 House Honors Hawaii Teachers of the Year
03/12/15 2015 Education Week at the Legislature
03/11/15 House passes biennial budget proposal
03/11/15 Kona Courthouse CIP in House Budget
03/11/15 San Buenaventura Measures pass 3rd reading
03/10/15 House First Crossover
03/06/15 Say Residency Report Adopted
03/06/15 House passes bills on crossover
03/05/15 Legislature forms Outdoor Heritage Caucus
02/27/15 Statement - Rep. Calvin Residency Challenge
02/27/15 Speaker Emeritus Say Residency Challenge Decision
02/25/15 Rep. Mele Carroll Services Information
02/20/15 Iolani and Kealakehe Students Shoot for the Moon
02/20/15 First Lateral
02/19/15 Housing and Homeless Package
02/19/15 7th Annual Art At the Capitol
02/18/15 Rep. Mele Carroll passes away
02/13/15 'Kollin Elderts Bill'
02/11/15 Aquarium fishing measures receive nearly 4,000 testimony
02/11/15 Rep. Takashi Ohno 2015 Measures: "Let's Do Things Better"
02/10/15 San Buenaventura 2015 Measures

2014 Releases

08/21/14 Second Japan-Hawaii legislators Friendship Association
07/28/14 Cabanilla named as Filipina Woman of Global Influence
07/17/14 Health Connector Update Briefing
07/16/14 Maui Waena Intermediate groundbreaking
07/11/14 Return to Home Program
07/11/14 Rep. Tom Brower to introduce aerial banner ban legislation
07/02/14 Minor tanning bill signed into law
07/02/14 Juvenile life sentences removed
06/25/14 Representative George Okuda sworn into office
06/19/14 Coffee Borer Beetle funding signed into law
06/12/14 Maui Waena Intermediate School to break ground
06/10/14 Kahului community survey results
06/10/14 Climate change protection measure signed into law
05/21/14 Rep. Awana announces release of $15.5 million for new Nanakuli Library
05/09/14 Lawmakers respond to HMSA CEO's remarks to dismantle Health Connector
05/07/14 Effective communication rights for the deaf
05/07/14 Big Island Capital Improvement Projects funding
05/05/14 Federal funding for Coffee Berry Borer fight
05/05/14 Rep. Cabanilla secures vital funding for Ewa community
05/02/14 Women's Legislative Caucus responds to Title IX sexual assault investigations
05/02/14 Legislature passes measure to boost funding for Rental Housing Trust Fund
05/01/14 Speaker Joseph Souki end of session closing remarks
05/01/14 House passes final measures of 2014 session
04/30/14 Rep. Scott Saiki statement on signing of HCDA measure
04/29/14 House passes group of bills for 2014 session
04/29/14 Legislature passes state budget
04/28/14 Lawmakers to vote on same-day voter registration bill
04/25/14 Central Maui Funding
04/25/14 House extends liability protection for county lifeguards
04/25/14 Collaboration leads to $10 million for nonprofits
04/24/14 House-Senate conferees pass tanning bill
04/24/14 Budget Conferees to reconvene on Friday for final deliberations
04/23/14 Rep. Woodson Kahului Airport funding statement
04/21/14 House passes resolution addressing Red Hill fuel tank leak
04/21/14 Green infrastructure financing options for low- and middle-income homeowners
04/16/14 Honokaa High School jazz band on tour on Oahu
04/15/14 House and Senate begin Conference negotiations on state budget
04/14/14 House passes bill to restructure HCDA
04/08/14 House passes over150 measures on second crossover
04/03/14 Kailua Town vs Kailua-Kona
03/28/14 House recognizes achievements of Niu Valley Middle School Band
03/28/14 House Honors Hokulea
03/25/14 Diabetes risk in Hawaii
03/21/14 Sugano family story is island version of Lorenzo's Oil
03/21/14 Maui County CIP
03/19/14 SB2663 SD2HD1 Geothermal Development Regulation
03/19/14 Hawaii Island CIP
03/17/14 First term Big Island Representatives tackle budget process
03/17/14 Reps. Luke and Belatti honored by Hawaii Women Lawyers
03/14/14 Kauai County CIP
03/14/14 House recognizes Bishop Museum, Junior Achievement Laureates, and Community Vets
03/13/14 State House passes habitual property crimes measure
03/13/14 Oahu freshman Rep. Takayama tackles budget process
03/13/14 Kauai Rep. Morikawa sees new approach to legislative budget
03/12/14 State House passes Judiciary supplemental budget
03/12/14 House approves 2014-2015 supplemental budget
03/11/14 House passes four hunting measures
03/07/14 Bills relating to juvenile offenders, immersion schools, and coastal memorials pass House
03/05/14 House passes three bills to address harbor spills
03/05/14 Finance Committee passes supplemental state budget
03/04/14 House votes to move another 183 bills to Senate
03/01/14 State House recognizes Waianae Coast Comprehensive Center
02/28/14 Princeville teen's bill for community food forest program passes House
02/28/14 Hawaii electric grid modernization bill
02/28/14 House passes more than 200 bills on to Senate
02/27/14 Coffee Berry Borer bill moves out of Finance Committee
02/21/14 Korean War veterans honored on 60th anniversary
02/20/14 Rep. Belatti calls for discussion on legal medical marijuana dispensaries
02/20/14 Hawaii Future Caucus and Congresswoman Gabbard call millennial to action
02/13/14 Nanakuli High and Intermediate Ladyhawks championship softball team honored
02/11/14 Water and Land Committee passes measured response to HCDA
02/06/14 Hawaii Aerospace Caucus explores the final frontier
02/05/14 Health Committee passes bill to convert Health Connector from private to state agency
02/03/14 HB452 Elections fraud measure passes house 
01/31/14 Screening of 'Little Fire Ant' at State Capitol
01/30/14 Bills to create taskforces to study Hawaiian language school and coastal memorials
01/29/14 Representative Lowen praises 2014 federal farm bill inclusion of CBB funding
01/28/14 Tanning bill protects health and safety of minors
01/27/14 Legislative Hawaiian Affairs Caucus week
01/27/14 Representative Chris Lee introduces bills to address harbor spills
01/24/14 Hawaii Legislature establishes friendship association with Japanese National Diet
01/24/14 Representative Scott Saiki introduces measures to improve oversight of HCDA
01/24/14 Rep. Rida Cabanilla introduces legislation for legal cultivation and export of marijuana
01/23/14 Women's Legislative Caucus 2014 joint package focuses on health and safety
01/23/14 Representative Richard Onishi calls for stronger protections for farmers and ranchers
01/23/14 House committee chairs introduce measures aimed at addressing Health Connector concerns
01/22/14 2014 House policy leader works towards 2014 Joint Majority Package
01/17/14 Rep. Cindy Evans introduces bills to improving hunting activities
01/16/14 2014 Joint House-Senate Majority Package focuses on kupuna and the environment
01/16/14 2014 House committee assignments and appointments
01/16/14 State House to hear bill to ban smoking on public beaches
01/15/14 Speaker Joseph Souki's Opening Day remarks
01/15/14 Speaker Souki calls on House to create opportunities for all on Opening Day
01/13/14 Education Chair Rep. Roy Takumi introduces measure for mandatory kindergarten
01/10/14 Opening Day of the 2014 legislative session

2013 Releases

09/13/13 Rep. Roy Takumi selected as Vice-Chair of National Education Commission of the States
09/09/13 Statement by Speaker Souki on the convening of the special session for SB1
08/01/13 Kauai receives $5 million from Department of Energy for biofuels project
07/16/13 Hawaii House of Representatives appoints Deputy Director of Communications
07/11/13 Kona Representative Nicole Lowen praises federal funds to fight coffee berry borer
07/09/13 Excessive feeding of birds now subject to public health nuisance law
06/28/13 Maui lawmakers participate in public signing of bill to acquire and preserve Lipoa Point
05/13/14 $52 million in CIP funding for Kauai
05/10/13 Maui County receives $294 million in funding for capital improvement projects
05/06/13 Funds approved for threatened shrimp hatchery in Kekaha
05/02/13 2013 Legislature adjourns, Speaker Souki's closing remarks
04/30/13 Legislature unanimously passes state budget
04/30/13 House lawmakers head into final days of 2013 session
04/24/13 Collaboration leads to conclusion of budget meetings ahead of deadline 
04/23/13 Conference committee to hear bill on Employer-Union Trust Fund unfunded liability
04/15/14 Controversial Public Lands Development Corporation (PLDC) Abolished
04/12/13 House resolutions asks for federal GMO labeling
04/11/13 House Finance and Senate Ways and Means Committees to begin budget conference
04/11/13 Gender equity amendment approved by State House
04/10/13 House and Senate ready to begin conference committee meetings
04/10/13 Development of University of Hawaii Palamanui Campus moves forward
04/09/13 House votes to move bills to Conference Committees for further debate
04/08/13 House congratulates Waianae High School's Searider digital team
04/05/13 Makaha Sons recognized for contributions to Hawaii music and culture
04/04/13 House congratulates Highlands Intermediate School Science Olympiad Team
04/04/13 Associated Students of the University of Hawaii congratulated on 100th anniversary
04/03/13 Representatives receive game balls from Kalani High School soccer team
03/28/13 Mililani High School teacher recognized nationally as a top public school teacher
03/28/13 Konawaena student is driving force behind sustainability resolution
03/27/13 Legislature's schedule of events for annual Education Week
03/27/13 House resolution seeks to alleviate traffic on Oahu's west side
03/25/13 Big Island legislation moves through session
03/25/13 Rep. Della Au Belatti selected as alumni of the year by Advocates for Public Interest Law
03/20/13 House honors the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii Youth of the Year finalists
03/15/13 CIP funding approved for Kakaako House District 26
03/13/13 House approves funding for major capital improvement projects for Maui County
03/13/13 Hawaii State House approves state budget
03/12/13 House passes measures supporting labor, Hawaii Island initiatives
03/11/13 House honors Merrie Monarch Festival on its 50th Anniversary
03/08/13 Finance Committee adopts conservative approach to budget process
03/07/13 Freshman House lawmakers demonstrate team spirit and solidarity
03/06/13 Kihei Representative bills on social media and election day voter registration passes House
03/06/13 Measure to support development of affordable senior rental housing project passes
03/06/13 House passes measure to improve transportation access to elderly and disabled
03/04/13 Hawaii's space exploration program receives funding in measure passed by House
02/28/13 Representative Faye Hanohano apologizes for comments regarding art works